Your privacy is important to us. UTS Air Service manages and protects your personal information that the company possesses under the following guidelines.

1.適正な取得 Fair collection of personal information


当社は、個人情報を、業務上必要な範囲内に限り適切な手段で取得します。 United Travel Service will obtain personal information only by fair, appropriate means.



2.利用目的の明示及び目的外利用の禁止 Fair collection of personal information


当社は、個人情報の取得の際、利用目的を明示し、取得した個人情報は、本人の同意を得ることなく利用目的以外に必要な範囲を超えて利用することはありません。 United Travel Service clarifies purpose of using personal information when we obtain your information. We never use your personal information for the purpose other than those stated.




3.安全管理 Implementation of safety measures


当社は、安全対策を実施し業務上取扱う個人データの不正アクセス、盗難、紛失、破壊、漏洩、改ざん等を防止する安全管理措置を講じます。 United Travel Service carries out safety measures and takes steps to prevent inappropriate access to information or the loss, destruction, falsification and leak of information.




4.第三者提供の制限 Restriction on disclosure to a third party


当社は、以下に掲げる場合を除き、個人データをあらかじめ本人の同意を得ることなく第三者に提供することはいたしません。なお、業務委託先は、この場合の第三者にはあたりません。法令に基づき、提供を求められた場合、人の生命、身体また財産の保護のために必要な場合であって、お客様の同意を得ることが困難である場合、国または地方公共団体等が公的な事務を実施する上で協力する必要がある場合であって、お客様の同意を得ることにより当該事務の遂行に支障の出るおそれがある場合。 United Travel Service will not disclose or provide personal customer information to any third party except under the following circumstances. However, companies which form ties with us exclude a third party. Disclosure or provision is required by laws or regulations. Disclosure is required to protect human life, health, or property in cases where obtaining customer consent is difficult. Disclosure is required to cooperate with the public affairs of national or local governments, and when obtaining customer consent is likely to hinder the administration of public affairs.



5.開示、訂正 Disclosure to a third party


訂正、追加、削除をご請求の場合 ご請求内容を調査の上、内容の訂正等を行います。
利用の停止、第三者への提供の停止をご請求の場合 利用等を停止いたします。


代表取締役:郭 成浩

Any customer request submitted in the manner specified for 1)the disclosure, 2)the correction, deletion, or addition, or 3)the discontinuance and erasure of personal information held by United Travel Service will be handled as follows, within a reasonable timeframe, after such requests are determined to be authentic. A customer request may be rejected partially or entirely if compliance with such request would endanger the life, health, or property of the customer or a third party; seriously impact United Travel Service’s business operations; or result in a violation of laws or regulations.


UTS Air Service Inc.
General Director Kwak Seong Ho